Biologically remove grease in the wastewater of the treatment plant

How and why pipes become clogged with grease

Fannen- und Frittierfett

Pan and frying fat often ends up in sewage via the kitchen. As it drips off, it cools down, mixes with food waste, but also with solids such as paper, sanitary towels, cotton swabs and clumps. (mountain of fat)


Where fat was once deposited, enriches new fat is quickly absorbed. Grease acts like glue. Thus, systematically thick layers of grease build up in the sewer pipes.

Thick layers of fat form a unpleasant smell. Especially hydrogen sulfide and biogenic sulfuric acid corrosion occur.

Clogged pipes are the result of fat deposits caused by fats and oils.

What is the solution?

How are fat problems solved?

Durchlaufsherhöhung durch Hochdruckreinigung

with high pressure cleaning with up to 400 psi

Verbesserung durch Molchen und Fräsen von Druckleitungen und Abwasserrohren

Pigging and milling of pressure pipes and sewage pipes


Verbesserung durch sichere Entsorung von Fetten, Ölen und anderen Haushaltsprodukten

very strong in England and USA through safe disposal of fats, oils and other household products in private households

Verbesserung durch die Intallation von Fettabscheider

Installation of grease separators

Application with lipasan: remove and pensions.

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8 Advantages of lipasan

Fat deposits with a number of negative consequences for waste water systems are decomposed in an environmentally friendly way and completely.

Pipes (mainly pressure lines) remain free. Plant components (pipes, fittings etc.) are protected - no biogenic corrosion in the sewage systems.

Disruptive side effects such as odor, if caused by fat, are eliminated with lipasan©F. This results in more pleasant working conditions.

No aggressive chemicals are used and lipobak has a continuous and lasting effect. The cleavage products of the biochemical reaction (glycerol and fatty acids) are very easily degradable substances that can also be absorbed and utilized by microorganisms without lipase activity.

Our microorganisms get into the smallest corners and angles and thus reach places that are mechanically difficult or impossible to reach. This promotes the entire biological degradation process, which already takes place to a considerable extent in the sewer and continues later in the sewage treatment plant.

Our microorganisms work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Expensive repairs, which are necessary due to damage during mechanical cleaning, are no longer necessary. The bottom line is lower costs.

The application of this microbial culture is very user-friendly. It is a component that will be delivered „ready-to-use“ meaning that the product can be dosed manually on site. Alternatively, lipasan©F can also be applied automatically using a proportional dosing unit.

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